Tools for Modelling and Simulation Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Ilarion Ishkulov, Alexander Degtyarev, Ivan Gankevich, Vladimir Gaiduchok, Yury Tipikin, Vladimir Korkhov

Cloud computing is a model of provisioning configurable computing resources, IT infrastructures and applications which can be easily allocated and deallocated by consumer without provider interaction. It can be hard to evaluate performance of newly developed cloud application or infrastructure. Using testbeds for this limits experiments to the scale of the testbed. And achieving reproducible results can be hard or impossible in that case. It’s preferable to use simulation tools. Several cloud modelling and simulation frameworks were developed. CloudSim is one of the most powerful. Data centers, physical servers, virtual machines, and applications can be modeled with CloudSim. Application running costs, SLA violations, power usage can be evaluated based on simulated models. In this paper we demostrate feasibility to model real infrastructure with CloudSim framework. For this purpose we model computer infrastructure of Computer Center of St. Petersburg State University.

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Publication: Proceedings of CSIT'13