Experience in building virtual private supercomputer

Vladimir Korkhov, Ivan Gankevich, Alexander Degtyarev, Vladimir Gaiduchok, Nabil Ahmed, Amissi Cubahiro

Efficient distribution of high performance computing resources according to actual application needs has been a major research topic since high-performance computing (HPC) technologies became widely introduced. At the same time, comfortable and transparent access to these resources was a key user requirement. In this paper we discuss approaches to build a virtual private supercomuputer (VPS), a virtual computing environment tailored specifically for a target user with a particular target application. Virtualization is one of the cornerstone technologies that helps shaping resources to what is needed by actual users by providing as much as needed when it is needed. However, new issues arise when working with large-scale applications that require large amounts of resources working together. We describe and evaluate possibilities to create the VPS based on light-weight virtualization technologies, and analyze the efficiency of our approach compared to traditional methods of HPC resource management.

  title={Experience in building virtual private supercomputer},
  author={Vladimir Korkhov and Ivan Gankevich and Alexander Degtyarev and Vladimir Gaiduchok and Nabil Ahmed and Amissi Cubahiro},
  publisher={National Academy of Science Republic of Armenia},
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Publication: Proceedings of CSIT'15
Publisher: National Academy of Science Republic of Armenia