Virtual Workspace as a Basis of Supercomputer Center

A. V. Bogdanov, A. B. Degtyarev, V. Yu. Gaiduchok, I. G. Gankevich, V. I. Zolotarev

Virtual workspace has recently become one of the ways to perform routine tasks in cloud environment, however, its use in scientific experiments is novel and offers a number of advantages compared to traditional grid-based approach. These are: universal access to all computational and storage resources from within single private virtual machine, easy workspace customization considering user’s own needs and an ability to create virtual private cluster with desirable configuration. In such an environment network storage devices are connected both to computational nodes and to your virtual machine so that all the experiment input data and output results are automatically saved in one place and can be easily accessed from the workspace. Implementation of described approach is presented on the example of Resource Center Computational Center of Saint-Petersburg State University.

  title={Virtual Workspace as a Basis of Supercomputer Center},
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Publication: Book of abstracts of GRID'12