Constructing Virtual Private Supercomputer Using Virtualization and Cloud Technologies

Ivan Gankevich, Vladimir Korkhov, Serob Balyan, Vladimir Gaiduchok, Dmitry Gushchanskiy, Yuri Tipikin, Alexander Degtyarev, Alexander Bogdanov

One of efficient ways to conduct experiments on HPC platforms is to create custom virtual computing environments tailored to the requirements of users and their applications. In this paper we investigate virtual private supercomputer, an approach based on virtualization, data consolidation, and cloud technologies. Virtualization is used to abstract applications from underlying hardware and operating system while data consolidation is applied to store data in a distributed storage system. Both virtualization and data consolidation layers offer APIs for distributed computations and data processing. Combined, these APIs shift the focus from supercomputing technologies to problems being solved. Based on these concepts, we propose an approach to construct virtual clusters with help of cloud computing technologies to be used as on-demand private supercomputers and evaluate performance of this solution.

  title={Constructing Virtual Private Supercomputer Using Virtualization and Cloud Technologies},
  author={Ivan Gankevich and Vladimir Korkhov and Serob Balyan and Vladimir Gaiduchok and Dmitry Gushchanskiy and Yuri Tipikin and Alexander Degtyarev and Alexander Bogdanov},
  journal={Lecture Notes in Computer Science},

Publication: Lecture Notes in Computer Science