Profiling Scheduler for Efficient Resource Utilization

Alexander Bogdanov, Vladimir Gaiduchok, Nabil Ahmed, Amissi Cubahiro, Ivan Gankevich

Optimal resource utilization is one of the most important and most challenging tasks for computational centers. A typical contemporary center includes several clusters. These clusters are used by many clients. So, administrators should set resource sharing policies that will meet different requirements of different groups of users. Users want to compute their tasks fast while organizations want their resources to be utilized efficiently. Traditional schedulers do not allow administrator to efficiently solve these problems in that way. Dynamic resource reallocation can improve the efficiency of system utilization while profiling running applications can generate important statistical data that can be used in order to optimize future application usage. These are basic advantages of a new scheduler that are discussed in this paper.

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Publication: Proceedings of ICCSA'15
Publisher: Springer