Wind Simulation Using High-Frequency Velocity Component Measurements

Anton Gavrikov, Ivan Gankevich

Wind simulation in the context of ships motions is used to estimate the effect of the wind on large containerships, sailboats and yachts. Wind models are typically based on a sum of harmonics with random phases and different amplitudes. In this paper we propose to use autoregressive model to simulate the wind. This model is based on autocovariance function that can be estimated from the real-world data collected by anemometers. We have found none of the data that meets our resolution requirements, and decided to produce the dataset ourselves using three-axis anemometer. We built our own anemometer based on load cells, collected the data with the required resolution, verified the data using well-established statistical distributions, estimated autocovariance functions from the data and simulated the wind using autoregressive model. We have found that the load cell anemometer is capable of recording wind speed for statistical studies, but autoregressive model needs further calibration to reproduce the wind with the same statistical properties.

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Publication: Proceedings of ICCSA'21
Publisher: Springer