Calculation Scheme for Wave Pressures with Autoregression Method

A. Degtyarev, I. Gankevich

In the problem of simulation of marine object behaviour in a seaway determination of pressures exerted on the object is often done on assumption of ocean wave amplitudes being small compared to wave height, however, this is not the best approachfor real ocean waves. This was done due to underlying wind wave models (such as Longuet—Higgins model) lacking ability to produce large amplitude waves. The other option is to use alternative autoregressive model which is capable of producing real ocean waves, but in this approach pressure calculation scheme should be extended to cover large-amplitude wavecase. It is possible to obtain analytical solutions for both two-and three-dimensional problem and it was found that corresponding numerical algorithmsare simple and have efficient implementationscompared to small amplitude case where the calculation is done by transforming partial differential equations into numerical schemes.In the numerical experiment it was proved that obtained formulae work for waves of arbitrary amplitudes whereas existing solutions work in small-amplitude case and diverge in large amplitude case.

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Publication: Proceedings of ISSW'14