Balancing Load on a Multiprocessor System with Event-Driven Approach

Alexander Degtyarev, Ivan Gankevich

There are many causes of imbalanced load on a multiprocessor system such as heterogeneity of processors, parallel execution of tasks of varying complexity and also difficulties in estimating complexity of a particular task, however, if one can treat computer as an event-driven processing system and treat tasks as events running through this system the problem of load balance can be reduced to a well-posed mathematical problem which further simplifies to solving a single equation. The load balancer measures both complexity of the task being solved and performance of a computer running this particular task so that a load distribution can be adjusted accordingly. Such load balancer is implemented as a computer program and is known to be able to balance the load on heterogeneous processors in a number of scenarios.

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Publication: Transactions on Computational Science XXVII
Publisher: Springer